Mud Road - Muskrat Trapping Lure - 1 and 4 ounce
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Kaatz Mud Road - Muskrat Lure

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Mud Road - Muskrat Lure

Urban expansion has hindered many trappers endeavors in the last few decades. Development of areas that were once wetland habitats prime for the muskrat, mink, and coon trapper, not to mention the waterfowl hunter, have been diminished greatly. One such location in Illinois, which provided many lessons for the Kaatz Bros, was a pair of small marshes tucked behind an industrial park, separated by a hard-packed mud road, hence the name of this lure. Mud Road is muskrat gland based and will definitely add more muskrats to your catch. A must-have for the pocket set trapper, for coon and mink as well. A world class attractant!

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