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Sierra Mist - Bobcat Gland Rubbing Scent

Two years of development went into this multi glandular bobcat scent. Bob formulated a similiar product for a European University in Croatia for the specific study of an endangered Lynx specie once commonly inhabitating that part of the world. He was asked to develop a lure that would induce an aggressive rubbing instinct for the purpose of collecting hair samples for DNA analysis.

From his original formulation work on the University formula he laid the ground work for the development of "Sierra Mist". In essence this formula became the steroid enhanced version of the original Lynx study rubbing scent formula. A heavy bobcat gland base built the foundation of this lure and it literally grew in magnitude from that point on. A who's who of cat calling and high interest ingredients began to flow into the formula.

A heavy presence of musky cat glands,winter collected cat urine, and a balance of two viscosity agents serve to bind all of the 15 ingredients together. A nice touch of skunk jump starts the scent drift of "Sierra Mist" into the thermals and wind currents of the night.The blending of several different glandular ingredients makes for a very seductive and high interest  bobcat lure presentation. 

"Sierra Mist" can be presented elevated to initiate a shoulder or chin rubbing reaction or applied at ground level for a flat set, walk through or a hole type set. Either presentation will induce cats to react with great interest. If you are on the Cats  they  will come to investigate. "Sierra Mist" is one of those products that is the result of many years of trapping cats. This lure will quickly take the lead in becoming Jameson's #1 selling bobcat lure.

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