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Fox Trapping In and Around Suburbia - Mark June - Book

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While most trappers would love to be able to trap vast areas of pristine wilderness or desolate regions of the great southwest, the fact is most never will.  Over 90% of today's fur harvesters conduct their trapping within an area that could properly be labeled "suburbia".  Suburban areas include not only towns and the areas that border them, but really any area where man's presence mandates land, and the use of it.  There are very few areas remaining, where to be successful, a trapper doesn't need to deal with or worry about suburbia.  Nowhere is the competition more fierce and the trapping itself more difficult than in suburban areas.

Mark June's "Fox Trapping In and Around Suburbia" Book will help you to have fun and be more successful when trapping fox in your area.  I know these methods will improve your fox trapping success, just as I'm sure today's trappers will agree with me when I say this is the only book available that comprehensively covers the trapping of fox in and around suburbia.  91 pages.

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