Bridger T3 Dog Proof

Bridger T3 Dog Proof

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Bridger T3 Dogproof Raccoon Trap

Target Species: Raccoon

Chain: 9 ½” of #2 Chain   (14 total links)

Swivel at end of chain

Total Chain Length: 11 ¼” including swivel

Weight: 1.33 pounds


The Bridger T3 Dogproof Raccoon trap features heavy duty machine chain with swivels, approximately 11 1/4 inches including chain and swivel. Comes equipped with a stake attached directly to the bottom of the trap. Bait it, Set it, stake it. It's that simple. Strong music wire spring. "Theft Stop" ring trigger to keep critters working until caught. We have put a hand saving bracket on the spring of the T3 Dogproof raccoon trap. Much easier on your hand and aids in easy setting

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