Kaatz Bros Black Label - Coon Trapping Bait

Black Label - Coon Bait

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Black Label - Coon Bait

Kellen's Black Label Coon Bait Extreme Shellfish Bait Aged and blended smooth 100 proof "After a decade of extensive 'bootlegging' of this bait to coon trappers all across the country, I've decided to finally agree to release this highly effective attractant to the all of you! A great bait for the Lil' Grizz's and dog proofs, as well as boxes, buckets, cubbies, pockets, pipes, grass-wads, etc. I've kept this bait as my own 'private reserve' for a decade, and have managed to resist the thousands of dollars in offers for the formula to pour it on the market now!!! Extreme oyster/shellfish odor and flavor. An intoxicating attractant for raccoon, mink, otter, and predators. An economically priced bait that you can afford to use more liberally." - Kellen

16 Ounce Jar

One of my absolute favorite baits for pocket sets! - Luke

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