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Trap Tags

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Trap Tags


Our copper trap tags are made out of high-quality, heavy copper that is legal in all states. They are machine stamped with a 1/8" hole in one end for fastening, and measure 1/2" tall. Length depends on the amount of information on the tag.

There are 3 lines available with 20 characters per line.

Tags easily wrap about chain or snare wire.

Each quantity of tags must have the same stamping information.

Each line has a maximum of 20 characters, numbers and/or letters, per line. Spaces count as a character, as well as any symbol.
Enter your information per the example below:
IronTrail Trapline [17 Characters]
123 Coyote Ln. [14 Characters]
Town, State [11 Characters]

 Tags do not come with fasteners. Product ships separately from your order. Please check what your state law requires.

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