Locklear's Federales Bait Solution

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Locklear's Federales Bait Solution

Locklear's Federales Bait Solution is the same exact formula Clint Locklear makes his Federales bait with that is used for coyotes, bobcat, fox and big boar raccoon.  Federales bait is a time tested north to south and east to west trapping bait that has became the favorite bait of serious fur takers.  This bait works great at dirt hole and flat sets.

Federales Bait Solution should be mixed into a gallon of ground meat.  You can use whatever meat base you prefer:  beaver, bobcat, muskrat, mice, gophers, ground hogs, beef, etc.

This bait solution already has preservative in it.  Simply mix the solution in the meat base of your choice.  Use an oversized container or open the lid every day for a week to let the bait gas off until the preservative finishes its work.  Pint bottle.

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