IronTrail's Bobcat and Small Game Snare

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IronTrail's Bobcat and Small Game Micro Lock snare is a great all purpose snare that can be used in many applications on the trapline.  This versatile snare is a must have on the bobcat line!

Target Species: Bobcat, Fox, Rabbits, Groundhogs, etc.

Length: 48"
Cable: 7x7 1/16” GAC
Collar: Twist On Support Collar
Snare Lock: 1/16 Micro Lock
Deer Stop: 2.5"
Anchor Point: 11 Gauge Swivel
Quantity: 12 Snares

Cut Cable Length: 48 inches

Cable Size: 7x7 1/16” Galvanized Aircraft Cable
Support Collar: Universal Twist On
Lock: 1/16” Micro Lock

Deer Stop: 1/16" Stop

Anchor End: 11 gauge Wire Swivel

Target Animal: Bobcat, Fox, Opossum, Rabbits, Groundhogs, woodchucks,  similar sized animals

Quantity: 12 single snares

Make sure to check your local and states laws to make sure this snare is legal in your state.

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