IronTrail's ADC Cable Restraint W/285# Break Away (Wisconsin Legal)

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IronTrail's ADC lock cable restraint is a great all purpose restraint that can be used in many applications on the trapline.  This cable restraint is Wisconsin Legal.

Target Species: Coyote, Fox, Raccoon, Badger, Etc.

Snare Specs:
Length: 5 feet
Cable: 7x7 3/32” GAC
Collar: Twist On Support Collar
Snare Lock: ADC Washer
Deer Stop: 2.5" Loop Limit
Loop Limit: 12"
Break Away: 285# J-Hook BAW
Anchor Point: 9 Gauge Swivel
Quantity: 12 Snares

Legal in MO, PA, and WI when following state snaring laws.

Make sure to check your local and states laws to make sure this snare is legal in your state.

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