Dog Proof Coon Bait

IronTrail's Smokehouse Smackdown Coon DP Bait

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IronTrail's Smokehouse Smackdown Coon DP Bait

Open a container of IronTrail's Smokehouse Smackdown and it's like walking into grandpa's smoker filled with fish! It was created on my own coon line because I was sick of dealing with baits that either made my DPs a mess, or baits that completely dissolved if there was even a hint of rain in the forecast!  Smokehouse Smackdown solved my issues and rebaiting traps have never been faster.  A must have when trapping coon, especially with dog proofs.  Pair with Ringtail Reaper for awesome results! 

16 Ounce Container or 1 Gallon Jug

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