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Dakotaline Michigan Coyote Snare

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Dakotaline Michigan Coyote Snare - One Dozen

Meets all Michigan snare laws. This coyote snare offers the following features:

  • 66" of 7x7, 3/32nd cable
  • ADC Washer lock
  • Inline Swivel and Heavy 9 gauge swivel
  • Support collar
  • 285# Breakaway Device

Note: Not suitable for fox or smaller animals.These snares are "loaded" for a quick closure. When a coyote hits it with his neck the snare comes down fast. There's no backing out with Dakotaline snares. 


Please note: It is your responsibility to do your own research and know your state specific laws regarding snares.  This snare may  or may not be legal in your state.  

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