Coyote Snare (Cam Lock w/Teeth)
Coyote Snare (Cam Lock w/Teeth) - Irontrail Trapline Supply, LLC

Coyote Snare (Cam Lock w/Teeth)

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Coyote Snare (Cam Lock w/Teeth)

This coyote snare is constructed with high quality cable and components to operate smoothly on the line. It features a 3/32" Bridger Sure Hold Cam Lock with Teeth and is loaded for speed.  The floating deer stop allows you to crimp it down to meet your state's regulation.

Length: 84" Overall

Cable: 3/32nd 7x7

Lock: Bridger Sure Hold Cam Lock w/Teeth

Deer Stop: Floating

Quantity: 12 Snares

Target Animal(s): Coyote

 Please note: It is your responsibility to do your own research and know your state specific laws regarding snares.  This snare may  or may not be legal in your state. 

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